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Building your new life

The Orchard

Step 1

Purchase Your Land and Design Your Home

When selecting your allotment and designing your new home please ensure that your builder and/or architect has a copy of the Building Guidelines.

The Orchard

Step 2

Settle On Your Allotment

Initially you may place a deposit to 'secure' your preferred allotment, however, you will then pay the balance of the Sales Price when the land Title is transferred to your name.

The Orchard

Step 3

Submit Your House Plans For Approval

Complete the online Approval Form and you will receive an email outlining how to submit your house plans for approval. House design and plans that comply with the Building Guidelines will be approved without delay.

The Orchard

Step 4

Design Review

Where the house designs and plans do not comply with the Building Guidelines Elements North Queensland will assist you and your builder to identify amendments that will help to achieve compliance.

The Orchard

Step 5

Review Design Approval

Anticipated timeframe for approval, subject to any required design review, is five (5) working days.

The Orchard

Step 6

Building Application

Submit a Building Application to Townsville City Council or an accredited private Building Certifier.

The Orchard

Step 7

Obtain Building Approval and Start Building

Construction of your home and driveway must start within 24 months of the date of settlement of your land.

The Orchard

Step 8

Move Into Your New Home

Once your home is complete, and you have obtained a Certificate of Occupancy from either Townsville City Council or an accredited private Building Certifier, you can move in. Landscaping, including driveway, must be complete within three (3) months of obtaining your Certificate of Occupancy.

Home Owners

The Orchard

Builders Information

The Orchard

Stage one of The Orchard is on sale now.


Promotion Terms and Conditions

The following “Terms and Conditions” are applicable to the incentive and must be satisfied by the Buyer:

Paul Fotinos

4731 1425 or

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