House & Land Packages

$15,000* free solar package

What you get

Build with a participating builder & receive a free $15,000* solar system worth $21,450 RRP package including:

How you get it

Elements North Queensland will pay $10,000 towards the solar package for every block of land sold during the promotion, if you build with one of our participating builders they will pay the balance of $4,499. The solar package listed above for $14,499 will be free of charge. System Value is $21,450.00

However homebuyers are free to upgrade the Solar power size, Battery size etcetera. Please consult with your Builder and your SuperGreen Solutions consultant regarding cost and installation.

Who is eligible

To be eligible you must purchase land in Stage One of the Orchard while the promo is current and on offered. The offer will be finished at the developers discretion.

You must sign a contract prior to the promotion finishing and successfully settle on your land contract.

Elements North Queensland, Super Green Solutions and your participating builder will arrange payment for the free solar package.

The period of time to call on your solar package will remain valid up until 12 months of purchasing your block of land.


Solar power and Solar Hot water STC Rebates are subject to pricing fluctuations. The Elements North Queensland / Green Energy Offering was calculated with the STC valued at $35 per STC and the rebate portion of this offering was accurate at the time of quotation.

The special prices for the equipment and installation will remain fixed for 1 year. However, as STC Rebates can fluctuate by the time the installation, the invoice amount can vary due to the STC value, which is beyond our control.

Stage one of The Orchard is on sale now.


Promotion Terms and Conditions

The Sellers “Elementsnq Pty Ltd” confirm that subject to you meeting criteria applicable to the “$10,000 OFF LAND SALES CONTRACT PROMOTION” discounted prices as marked on selected lots, will be made available to the Buyer.

The following “Terms and Conditions” are applicable to the incentive and must be satisfied by the Buyer:

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