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Project Green Space is a real-work experience and a sustainable garden space to be enjoyed by students. It will incorporate numerous programs designed to deliver a range of benefits to students and the local community.

Project Green Space will provide a tranquillity, meditation and activity space designed and delivered by student for students. Students will be exposed to real-world work experience and industry education thanks to the involvement of industry partners.

Founded in 1914 and operating in Townsville since 1989, Elements NQ are the developers behind many of Townsville's best communities including Greenwood and the first stages of Riverway Gardens Estates.

Elements NQ are developing their newest master planned community at Jensen off Darling Road, just minutes from St. Anthony's Catholic College. Elements NQ are proud to support the community they are part of and are partnering with St. Anthony's Catholic College to create a garden space for students that will provide innovate work and learning opportunities.

Project Green Space will integrate work, education and professional partnerships to form an innovative project that will provide students with real-world skills, insights into professional careers and exposure to real and practical projects.

Project At A Glance


Students will be involved in surveying a Project Green Space site.

Town Planning

Students will be exposed to concepts and ideas that planners use in developing and designing the communities in which we live, work and play. They will begin to understand the importance of balancing the built and natural environments, community needs, cultural significance, and economic sustainability to create vibrant communities.


Activities designed for the all students to expose and educate students on sustainability.


Students will have the opportunity to participate in civil design and construction industry work experience.

landscape works

Students will have the opportunity to participate in the landscaping industry to gain valuable work experience.

graphic design

The digital age is upon us and students will have the opportunity to submit creative concepts as part of the Project Green Space. This can include creating brands and digital concepts that help communicate the project.

landscape design

A landscape design competition will allow students to build a body of work that they can use in their careers.

work integrated learning

Projects will be developed for students to participate in to generate learning that is integrated in industry.

career insights

A range of industry professionals will be engaging with students to provide real life insights into their careers providing valuable information on making career choices.


A range of events will be activated that will involve the students, parents, government representatives and other stakeholders – promoting the project to the community.

Elements NQ and St Anthony's Catholic College are working in partnership with these local businesses to deliver Project Green Space:

  • The Orchard
  • The Orchard
  • The Orchard
  • The Orchard
  • The Orchard
  • The Orchard
  • The Orchard
  • The Orchard

Greenspace Games

The Orchard
The Orchard
The Orchard

Stage one of The Orchard is on sale now.


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