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Posted On April 21, 2018

Property guru puts Townsville near top

Townsville Bulletin 21 April, 2018

MAJOR job-generating projects expected to inject billions into North Queensland’s economy have landed Townsville in the top 10 places to invest in the country.

National property analyst and founder of the Hotspotting website, Terry Ryder, listed Townsville in his National Top 10 Best Buys April-August 2018 edition.

Mr Ryder, who has a track record of identifying future price-growth areas, listed Townsville because of the city’s diverse economy, historic property price growth, declining rental vacancy rates and falling unemployment.

In the report he says major projects either proposed, approved or under construction are likely to create massive job growth that will flow on to the property market.

“Townsville ranks among the sturdiest regional economies in Australia,” Mr Ryder says in the report. “We always seek economic diversity in a property investment location and Townsville has more than most regional cities.

“It has strong elements of government administration, education, defence, resources, health, tourism and manufacturing, plus an export port.

“Its property market experienced an unbroken run of double-digit growth years from 2002 to 2007 and, after experiencing some mixed fortunes in the past couple of years, is ready to resume forward progress.”

Vacancy rates are sitting at 4.1 per cent after continuing a downwards trend from a peak in September last year at 7.1 per cent.

At the end of 2017, median house prices were $335,000 after declining 2.9 per cent in 12 months, while the median unit price was $256,000, a decline of 2.8 per cent, according to CoreLogic.

Figures from the first quarter of 2018 are yet to be released but real estate insiders are forecasting a much more positive start to the year compared to 2017. The latest Herron Todd White report Townsville in Focus places Townsville’s residential market at the start of recovery.

Townsville’s employment growth is also above the state average of 3.5 per cent, sitting at 12.6 per cent in the 12 months to February 2018, according to the ABS.

Keyes & Co principal and REIQ regional director Damien Keyes said investor interest was increasing and he had recently sold an inner-city apartment under the hammer to a southern investor.

“The investment side of things has really picked up and we’ve had (the) State Government selling housing commission properties and they are really cheap stock, which is attracting investors on a local level,” he said. “We had a cheaper apartment sell in North Ward and 90 per cent of the inquiry was from investors in New South Wales.

“I think we’ll continue to see a lift in investor interest because Townsville will become more attractive because our median house price is low compared to capital cities.”

Regional economist Colin Dwyer (pictured) said there were positive indicators that Townsville’s economy was starting to turn around.

“We’ve had high unemployment rates and low confidence in 2016 and 2017 and we’ve also had high vacancy rates and low residential building approvals but now some of that data is starting to turn around,” he said. “I think we’ve reached the bottom of the cycle and now we’re starting to improve. As soon as vacancy rates get to lower than 3 per cent there will be more income and then more jobs and you will start to see better investment activity.”

Source: Anderson, C., 2018. Property guru puts Townsville near top, Townsville: Townsville Bulletin.

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Promotion Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy

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The Offer is first three (3) buyers who settle* win a selected prize from 3 options as listed.  It is only available to those who settle* on a block of land** at The Orchard within the specified time frame. Timeframe being 22nd April 2019 through to finalised settlement by 30th August 2019, 5pm ESDST. 

The offer is only redeemable when Settlement has been finalised (latest by COB 30th August 2019, 5:00pm ESDST).  Redeemable prizes on offer for the selection of 1 only per winning household are as follows: 

  1. Car (Mazda 2 to the maximum value of $22,290.00 inc GST)
  1. Boat (To the maximum value of $23,750.00 inc GST) 
  1. Camper trailer (To the maximum value of $22,995.00 inc GST) 

Prizes are subject to review and may change without notice.  Winners will be notified by Elementsnq Pty Ltd. 

Offer is only valid on The Orchard Estate properties which have gone Under Contract*** on or after, any block Under Contract/Settled before the specified timeframe are not valid for this promotion. 

The offer is only valid on remaining Lots as listed on The Orchard NQ Stage 1 Estate Pricelist and The Orchard NQ Stage 8A Estate pricelist between 27th April 2019 9:00am ESDST – 30th August 2019, 5:00pm ESDST). 

The offer excludes all other Elementsnq Pty Ltd properties. 

Offer is not valid with any other incentive/promotion on offer with Elementsnq Pty Ltd and is not transferable for cash. 

Settlement must be affected on or before 30th August 2019, 5:00pm ESDST. 

The Buyer acknowledges the Seller and its Agents are not responsible for any exchange or other assignable liability regarding this offer. The offer excludes resale lots, lots not listed for sale on The Orchard NQ Stage 1 and Stage 8 Estate Pricelist. 

Elementsnq Pty Ltd reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of the offer in its absolute discretion. 

Pricelists are subject to review and may change without notice. 

*Settle/Settlement refers to the time when final payment has been made and you will take legal possession of the property. 

**Land refers to all current available Lots within The Orchard Stage 1 and Stage 8 Pricelist during the Referral Promotional time frame. 

***Under Contract means that a binding agreement exists between a buyer and a seller involving property. The buyer and the seller have agreed on a price and any other relevant terms. When a property is under contract, the seller may not enter into a contract with any other buyer.Page Break 

Free School Fee’s Offer: 


The ‘Free School Fees’ offer is available to the parents and/or carers of students at St Anthony’s Catholic College, Townsville (Padua and Assisi Campuses) who settle* on a block of land** at The Orchard within the specified time frame or refer a friend who successfully settles on a block of land at The Orchard, within the Referral Promotion time frame. 

Elementsnq Pty Ltd must be notified of the referred (potential) buyer’s names for the Referee to be eligible to receive the prize. This can be done via phone or email to: 

Paul Fotinos 


4731 1425 or 


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All notifications must receive a written response confirming details of the referral from Elementsnq Pty Ltd. This response will be within 48 hours of receiving the referral information. 

Potential Buyers must not already be on the Elementsnq Pty Ltd Database to take part in the Referral Promotion. 

Elementsnq Pty Ltd will pay school fees for a total of 4 school terms for up to four children within the same family and attend St Anthony’s Catholic College, Townsville. The prize is redeemable when Settlement has been finalised (by 31 November 2018, 5:00pm ESDST). 

Prize winners will receive school fees that equate to the number of children enrolled at St Anthony’s at the time of the referral and subsequent settlement. e.. Families with less than four children are not eligible to bank terms and will only receive fees to a maximum equating to the number of children at St Anthony’s for one year. (e.g. A family with two children at the school are not applicable to receive eight terms Free School Fees etc) 

The offer is only valid on selected Lots as listed on The Orchard NQ Stage 1 Estate Pricelist between Tuesday 17 April 2018, 9:00am ESDST – 31 November 2018, 5:00pm ESDST). 

The offer excludes all other Elementsnq Pty Ltd properties. 

Offer is not valid with any other incentive/promotion on offer with Elementsnq Pty Ltd and is not transferable for cash. 

Settlement must be affected on or before 31 November 2018, 5:00pm ESDST. 

The Buyer acknowledges the Seller and its Agents are not responsible for any exchange or other assignable liability regarding this offer. The offer excludes resale lots, lots not listed for sale on The Orchard NQ Stage 1 Estate Pricelist. 

Elementsnq Pty Ltd reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of the offer in its absolute discretion. 

Prices are subject to review and may change without notice. 

*Settle/Settlement refers to the time when final payment has been made and you will take legal possession of the property. 

**Land refers to all current available Lots within The Orchard Stage 1 Pricelist during the Referral Promotional time frame. 

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